Tucker called it in June...Trump lost voters as he became a bit too GOP-ish

August West

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Sep 5, 2014
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He downplayed the virus by making you piss your pants and cry "XENEPHOBIC DICTATOR" when he shut down all travel to and from China immediately upon intelligence of the first known case here?
Trump only shut down travel by chinese nationals. That would fit the definition of xenophobic.


  1. having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.
I get it...you twisted TDS'ers believe that us white boys are XENOPHOBES for refusing to smash negro women.
Nobody even half sane takes you seriously.
You`re really stuck on the TDS crap we see. After nearly 4 years that remains the one and only defense of Dear Leader because you have nothing else and you never will. LOSER!


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Sep 9, 2016
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I think Trump's pointless stand-off on this Bill proves Tucker's suspicions...Trump definitely lost his balls.
He lost this election because he softened up on all the issues that got him elected...hope he learned a lesson to pass on.
A worthless few miles of wall
DACA kids and DREAMERS still fucking over Americans
No new legislation originated by him to go after businesses hiring illegal's
Still funding sanctuary cities
No resolution for healthcare
No new tax cut despite a number of promises made

In the end, he fucked us good Americans over didn't he?


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Jul 10, 2004
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In an attempt to sell himself to brown people he backed off on the tone that got him elected in 2016. He was too slow to act against BurnLootMurder and Antifa, he allowed the mob to rule for too long.
In the end he became a little too pussified just like the rest of the GOP.
Of course Tucker is wrong, very wrong in fact. I don't watch him anymore, my Spidey Senses tingle a little too often when watching him. Once I get that impression it's hard to roll back. I may return to watch his show once in awhile, but not anytime soon. My interest in politics has to change, as he did.

Trump had 73M votes, he had 30k+ at his rallies for weeks. Nothing in the history of politics, certainly nothing in GOP politics when they have zero MSM support. He had protesters and people in the 10's of thousand march for him after he apparently lost. Does he think the "tough on crime", far right approach of people like peculiar Ann Coulter would have increased his voters much if he just preached to the choir? He lost due to the mail-out votes and some interesting Election Night activities.

Tucker likes Big Police. He suggests he doesn't, but his antics and arguments suggest otherwise. A pity, because there is a vast difference between supporting good honest policing, and the type of policing that unfettered support brings. As we have in Canada. A nation being wrecked domestically by police and via global sources who understand how self serving and creepy our police are.

I've learned to cut through the compromised, converted and otherwise. I stand by my gut instinct when I stated that of all the tv characters, Hannity was the most patriotic. He doesn't just repeat platitudes, he genuinely believes in American Values, traditions and the Rule of Law. Principles that made America so dominant for so long.

Hannity doesn't like Big Power, he prefers the constitution for all men. Any means necessary isn't valid to him if it doesn't defend the individual and basic principles. As time goes on, it's clear that more and more he is alone.

I do hope that if Dems win the Georgia Senate that the first people to get impacted are those making more than $400k. Maybe then Tucker will have some skin in the game for his positions...
We couldn’t be further apart on this.... Tucker still is what Trump was leading into the 2016 election. Clearly, Trump took advice from too many establishment pussies as he backed the tone and action down to appease the PC police / the Left.

Further, Tucker is dead on with his opinion with regard to this nations need for a hardcore police state...UNFORTUNATELY.
We are no longer a nation comprised of high quality human beings....with 20-50 million illegal aliens, millions of anchor babies on stolen citizenships, angry mobs of woke white guilt whackos and an empowered population of black savages now is the time to crank up the police state.
So, you're just confirming here that you and the rest of Trump Nation want to see a dictatorship in this country? And thanks for confirming for the class that support for Trump falls largely under the heading of Make America White Again. :)
People who want dictatorship vote for a dementia laden clown that they know will not be the actual president while simultaneously condoning a stolen election.

You have zero credibility.

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