Trump Vows to Continue the Fight Against What He Calls ‘Most Corrupt Election in American Political History’


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Jul 25, 2018
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I don’t hate freedom.
Lib please it's the Dem party mission statement. :eusa_hand:
Maybe you Trump supporters would seem more credible if you weren’t always making up blatantly false lies.
All you people do is BAN things and issue RULES and THREATS and FINES if people refuse to obey you. :eusa_hand:
You're just upset that you lost the election.

Keep crying, snowflake. :itsok:
I already banked my wealth idiots. Enjoy the Joe Biden shit show. :auiqs.jpg:
Oh I will enjoy not having Trump in office.

Sucks for you huh?
Not really, Dems have promised to cut my taxes. Tissue?
Tissue from helping to get Trump’s fat ass kicked out of the White House? LoL.

You’re not living in reality. We’re THRILLED to get that idiot out of there.

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