Trump Sends Out Memorial Day Message

How can his supporters read this and not realize what a divisive, angry, self-absorbed, disgusting human he is.

Maybe all his supporters are jut like him.
Oh you people realize it because you caused it.
We caused you and Trump to be disgusting humans?
Don't know why you use the word disgusting in your vocab, because what you people caused through year's of normalizing everything including white collar business practices, uhhhh should have banished the word in your minds forever.

Were you not all normalizing everything from A-Z, and then some in between ?

So when conveniently needed, you all turn back into these little saint's that are all of a sudden shocked at the very thing's you created ? Rotflmbo 🤣

If being fathers, grandfathers, heterosexuals, hard working, charitable, caring, and loving family men, and yes businessmen with of course flaws is what defines the word disgusting to you leftist, then I guess we'll wear that title loud and proud for you leftist pond scum.

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