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Trump Portrait: US Embassy


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Jan 6, 2012
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Prague, Czech Republic
Below is a copy of the letter I send to the State Department and the US embassy in Prague:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an American citizen and a long-term resident of the Czech Republic. I had not been to the American embassy in Prague for several years until today for the purpose of renewing my passport. On previous trips I had noticed the previous president's portrait prominently displayed in the American Services section of the embassy. Today however, the portrait of our current president was conspicuous by its apparent absence. I inquired at the the counter about this and the lady said, "Oh, it's still there" pointing to a glass window in the wall which divides the American Services section from what I believe to be the visa section. Upon looking around I could see an American flag and half of the face of Vice President Pence in a small portrait.

Curiously, I walked around to the adjacent room and saw the president's small portrait behind the American flag only when I reached the wall by the window through which the employee had pointed. The portrait could only be seen from there. It had obviously been placed there so as not to offend yet conform with whatever regulation, implicit or explicit there may be about such displays. It was not subtle at all, and I, as an American took note and take offense. It is supposed to be, after all, an American embassy, not private property.

Thank You, ...

I don't think embassies should be venues for political statements, no matter how puny or passive.

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