Trump and his allies are quietly “plotting” to “deploy the U.S. Military to quell potential unrest on Inauguration Day” if Trump wins in 2024.

You know, it IS possible to do your OWN research on the internet when you want information on something.
Of course....that would mean you actually have to uh....READ shit....instead of only pulling your head out of your ass just long enough to swallow this weeks right-wing propaganda talking point that you can regurgitate here like you really really "know" something.
It's a very amazing tool that is usueful for doing more than hanging out and arguing anonymously with strangers through goofy memes and two sentence rebuttals.
But since you've are a few sources to get you started. There are literally HUNDREDS more that you can read....on the internet. You know, that thing you are staring at right now.

With all this vast knowledge at your finger tips, how is it, more often than not, you post nonfactual, easy refuted bullshit?
BREAKING: Washington Post drops Sunday morning bombshell, reveals that Trump and his allies are quietly “plotting” to “deploy the U.S. Military to quell potential unrest on Inauguration Day” if Trump wins in 2024.

But it gets WAY worse…

In today’s explosive new report, the Washington Post just unveiled a meticulously detailed plan being hatched behind the scenes by former President Donald Trump and his inner circle. This shocking scheme, to be put into motion if Trump secures a second term, involves leveraging the formidable powers of the federal government to target critics and adversaries.

The most chilling aspect? Discussions are underway about invoking the Insurrection Act on Inauguration Day, a move that could pave the way for the deployment of the military to quash civil demonstrations, plunging the nation into uncharted constitutional territory.

Trump's readiness to unveil a list of individuals deemed ripe for investigation or prosecution, including former officials like John Kelly and William P. Barr, adds a layer of vindictiveness to this unfolding saga. Publicly, Trump has even threatened to appoint a special prosecutor to go after President Biden and his family, despite a stark absence of tangible evidence to substantiate these claims.

However, what raises the most eyebrows and concerns is the concerted effort to dismantle well-established policies that have long separated criminal prosecutions from political considerations. These discussions have triggered widespread alarm, with critics arguing that such actions have the potential to erode the core tenets of democracy and, in some instances, draw alarming parallels to autocratic regimes.

A significant part of this secretive planning has been outsourced to a coalition of right-wing think tanks collectively referred to as "Project 2025." This consortium is hard at work crafting a comprehensive strategy, which includes the deployment of the military domestically under the provisions of the Insurrection Act, a law that has seen minimal use since its last significant revision in 1871.

The Washington Post's revelation comes in the wake of previous instances where Trump's supporters had urged him to employ the Insurrection Act during his first term. In recent public statements, Trump has expressed regret for not taking such drastic action in the past, signifying a willingness to entertain more forceful measures in the future.

This revelation provides a disturbing glimpse into Trump's unwavering determination to seek retribution against his critics, which has become an unmistakable and central theme of his campaign. It underscores the notion that a second term would serve as the ideal platform for settling scores.

Trump and his allies are mapping out plans to use the government to punish opponents if he wins in 2024

Deploy the U.S. military? Does this surprise anyone? I'm not surprised. What do you think?

That's probably because you really aren't much of a reader right?
In fact you don't read shit. Not even the stuff you criticize.
So that basically makes you just a troll.
Actually it's you who isn't much of a reader, if you were, myself and others here wouldn't have to post factual information to show you how mistaken you are/were.... :biggrin:

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