Trial balloon about DNC replacing Biden

Joe being on the Progressive Socialist Communist Broadway stage at the DNC convention may act out a medical emergency there while on it. We will e told he will have some made up condition that will bring in the new candidate to replace him. The look of despair over Joe's condition and an unwillingness to do so at first. However, he will just have to run as he spews his Hollywood act for the good of the party promoting himself as a trooper and humbled to the max.
I have discussed this in another thread on a couple of occasions. But this new piece is worthy of some additional consideration.

I suspect that the “news” is another trial balloon. The DNC may need to obtain a sense of how the electorate (particularly their base) might react to the President suddenly “deciding” to withdraw from the Presidential race.

So here is a link to my post in a related thread which cites a new news article as well as a clip from an Instagram video.

The one about "The Secret Dem Plot!" that is so secret a rag in Great5 Britain is talking about it?
Thread summary:

Since we know every Republican accusation is a confession, it appears most of the Trump cultists here are afraid that Trump won't last until November

Meanwhile, all the Democrats are looking forward to Biden curbstomping Trump again, along with Trump's snowflake followers.

See you in November, Trump cult losers. Or maybe not, since most of you will flee the board.
Long time until November. Plenty of time for Trump to put his foot in his mouth…, again!

Long time for more talk in the Black community about how the democrats haven't performed for them.

Biden to hold chicken dinner extravaganza soon.
If Obama wasn't running the show through Joe the DNC would have replaced Biden a year ago... but Obama wants a fourth term... it is treasonous to do what Obama is doing but I guess the GOP doesn't care...
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