Zone1 Top 10 Worst White Hoods In USA For 2024


Blacks are <13% of the populations and commit at least 33% of all non-murder violent crimes. As well as committing ~50% of all murders.
0.6 percent of the population are blacks doing those things. While 1.09 percent of the population are whites doing them. So how about you addressing the topic?
A lot of time is spent by IM2 doing nothing but race baiting here...

CRT in public education apparently failed big time...
Whites do the race baiting here. Try addressing the topic.
Of course the OP is right, there are a lot of seedy Honky areas in America.

But the video disparages a lot of actually good places.

White hoods in San Francisco, LA , Chicago, Seattle, Portland- are just a lot worse, with people crapping on the street, alternative sexuality running wild, and a general sense of ultraliberalism.

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