Time Travel

Time travel is a matter of fact, not fiction. We all currently move forward through time.

We move through time? Sorry. But what about when you will travel back for 1 second and there is a totally other world full of OIgrichs? And what about if a second ago is nothing at all?

So there is that

Yor problem is that you think the past still exists. But this is no fact. What you remember is now.

Additionally it's been demonstrated that the gaster one moves relative to the speed of light; time slows for the one moving.#

But as slow and fast and watched from whatever point: Always comes first a cause and afterwards an effect. (except in Quantum mechanics as far as I heard)

Making time appear to have accelerated for everyone else. The real trouble is moving backwards in time. I don't believe this is, or will ever be possible...
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What's their theory or rather....how can time not exist?

The theory is our psychology creates the world or the whole world is not real but part of a matrix. Imagine your are only a figure in a computer game. How to find out something about the computer? And what about if you really will find out something about the Apple computer which plays your game (your world) but the next second this game is in an IBM-PC or in an Android Smart Phone? Where is it really as long as it is not played?

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