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Thoughts on July 4th, 2022.


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Mar 4, 2013
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As a 75-year-old American that watched as George HW Bush dispatched April Glaspie to meet with Saddam Hussein in the 1990’s to see why he was massing troops on Kuwait’s borders I recall that what happened after that and realized that incompetence in leadership like we are seeing with Joe Biden is not new but just as lethal. Glaspie told Hussein that “We have no opinion on Arab-Arab conflicts”. Hussein interpreted this as a green light, promptly invading Kuwait which led to the Gulf War generating Arab hate of America resulting in an attack on New York City in 2001 killing nearly 3,000 innocent civilians. GW Bush invaded Iraq which had nothing to do with the attack to cover for Bush the elder’s mistakes and the rest is history. Neither Bush went to prison for the deaths which occurred. God bless America.

Then Barrack Obama, a man born in Kenya, spent eight years in the White House spreading hate of white people far and wide. This was followed by Hillary Clinton who with her husband dumped Vince foster’s body in Fort Marcy Park like a mob hit with a special untraceable ghost gun. Foster had an attack of conscience and was about to expose the Clinton’s who had been robbing people since day one. Then the people elected Donald Trump who ran on a ticket of something being wrong with Washington. Then the economy picked up and things went well until the next election was rigged with phony votes.

Now Joe Biden whose oratory skills are reported to have gotten him more votes than any candidate in the history of human elections took over and now the food is going rotten on store shelves, fuel prices are soaring, and Russia is threatening the US nuclear missiles. The kids are dying of Fentanyl poisoning and replacement Americans are being escorted over unprotected borders like a global yard sale on American culture.

Americans are fat, alcoholic, and drug addled, and it is not out of the question that science has been perverted to cull the herd with a special virus. They are not dying from the virus, they are dying from tobacco, alcohol, and drugs that weaken them after years of abuse. They need replacing. Is it the leadership or is it the people? The chemicals killing Americans are well represented in Washington with lobbies.

Do Americans deserve their fate? That's a good question for July 4th 2022.
seek help. It may be available to you because of President Obama

Personally, I continue to be amazed that despite moonbats left and right, most people have a good conception of why this country was founded. My main fear is that because the moonbats on both sides benefit from disharmony, we may not be able to solve our problems though fairly achievable compromises. And unfortunately, President Biden seems a captive of LW moonbats.
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