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Nov 15, 2020
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A lot of the arrested rioters seem to be coming together on one particular strategy for their legal defense strategy:
Trump made me do it!

Are these people all former Patriots now? Are they throwing Trump under the bus. Will they be called on at Trumps trial to testify on their state of mind and what they got from Trump’s non-seditious sedition?
The world is waiting. The world wants to know.
The only rioters were Antifa and CNN, so of course they would say Trump made them do it.
ANTIFA had nothing to do with this.
Yea right, just like Aunt Jemima was never on syrup. :D Sure buddy......Smoke some more.
There is no Aunt Jemima. That was a cartoon picture that had no life. ANTIFA didn't do it. Thats a fact. Just like air and water, which do exist. Unlike Aunt Jemima.
And I am sure you believe that Bin Laden brought down the twin towers and Obama killed him.:auiqs.jpg::auiqs.jpg:


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Mar 11, 2015
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The only rioters were Antifa and CNN, so of course they would say Trump made them do it.
Do you really believe that?
I looks pretty obvious to me.

All right wing media sources. Things just didn't happen that way.
Because the left wing news is always right and fair and balanced. :auiqs.jpg: They are so fair they just censor you now. Try to sell me another illusion. No doubt there is bias on both sides. But the left loons have gone off the rails. I am more towards the center and I try to look at both sides but no doubt it is just wrong what they are all doing to conservatives.
The news you get is disinformation. I don't use left wing news. I use credible well respected experienced organizations. Anybody can create a web sfite and untill the FCC starts treating online journalists like they do print, televised and audio, then using only online sources that are not attached to credible organization will keep you misinformed. ANTIFA had nothing to do with this, the FBI is where I got this information from and the FBI certainly knows more about how to determine these situations than the gatewaypundit, independentsentinel, freewestmedia, and trendingpolitics.


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Mar 24, 2007
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Article says Jade Sacker works for CNN,

BUT she doesn't.

Isn't your article and the gazillion other right wing sites implying and regurgitating the same thing,

Fake news?
There was 3 different articles there and 2 of them said:

“According to sources she was working on a CNN project, but she’s done a lot of work for NBC and NPR.

I have no doubt she worked for CNN in some way from information that was available before it was scrubbed and censored. These mainstream entities are corrupt to the core. She possibly could even be an undercover CIA agent, but it will be hard to find the total truth with all the censorship that is going on and information being deleted.

The videos that were available of her, have mostly been scrubbed from the net.
She wasn't working for CNN.... Yet your articles claim on some anonymous source that she was....even her bio on the net shows she had never worked for CNN,

That makes your author's claims and stories on this, fake.


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Apr 24, 2010
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Never mind the unconstitutional voting rules made by governers rather than the state legislators and complete misinformation from main stream media.
That's voter fraud

That's not voter fraud Peach!

Because all of those cases in the battleground states, on rule changes, were adjudicated in a court of law. Some legislators sued, saying only they should make the rules etc etc....

And a couple of the suits made up the ladder through appeals court, then State Supreme Court.... which ruled the changes made were not unconstitutional in their state....

So, the changes were okay....

It's a real far stretch to call things that were adjudicated in the courts, and the Court rulings abided by, fraud....
Executive Orders are legal and that should have never been expanded the way it has either.
Our Constitution has been slowly eroding away along with our individual rights for more than 50 yrs.

Now look at the mess were in, far left talking Iike communist China and N. Korea putting people in re-education camps.
Banning free speech
If we the people don't stop big government we will have no freedom at all.
We have traded freedom for big government control which never ends well for it's citizens.

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