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Mar 6, 2012
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The 11 Laws of White Supremacy

  1. Never Let Black People Know What You’re Thinking, even if you must mislead them
  2. Always Try to figure out what they are thinking or planning so you can capitalize on their genius
  3. Always appear to be friendly or humanitarian, never appear to be aware that you belong to, or identify with, the race that rules
  4. Look for Blacks you can use to advance your cause, this is never difficult, as most of them identify with their oppressor
  5. Use religion to gain their confidence, as they are religiously immature people, as historically whenever we embrace their Gods, it opens up an opportunity for exploitation, they tend not to think clearly under the influence of religion and have a natural inclination to care about other people more than themselves
  6. Always remember, no matter what they say or do, to keep your dignity. Never forget that you belong to the white race that rules, but never profess this, as it is the mark of the politically immature white person to let Black people know, that white people are in charge
  7. Never invite them into your home, unless it is absolutely necessary. But always try to gain entry into their living quarters to ascertain if they can be trusted
  8. If you can, during verbal altercations with black leaders, try to provoke emotion or use word trickery to make them look less credible.
  9. Always try to get blacks fighting with each other. Once they start it is difficult to get them to stop. They have a most unique fondness for destroying one another that supersedes all other interests once it gets started.
  10. If you are able to provide some material support to blacks or their organizations, this is certain to triple the awe and reverence they naturally have for whites and you will be able to use them like chess pieces, even against each other, to fulfil the white agenda.
  11. Never reveal the white code to blacks. Without knowledge of this code, they will never see whites as a unified group of exploiters, but will assume that whites are divided by petty differences as they are.
Take it all in.

We’re fighting the wrong strategy!

Many Black folk love to pray for their enemies, but the irony. Even in the Bible, God gave permission for his people to destroy their enemies. GET OFF YOUR KNEES and refocus!

These people are planning our demise while you’re keeping your eyes on God, thinking incorrectly, that wars can be one with good will.

It seems to be open season for killing Black men in America right now.

We’ve marched, we’ve stood on podiums and gave speeches, but here’s the kicker: tactics win wars, not ideology. The Laws of War–Military Science is the art of armed physical combat with your enemy. If wars are one before they are fought; we must employ the correct strategy to defeat our enemy not only physically, but supremely on all levels.

Tom Sweetnam

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Aug 27, 2014
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8000' up in the san juan mountain foothills
Oh STFU. In the time it took you to sribble that racist screed, some black man somewhere in this country shot another black man. It happens 40 times a weekend in Chicago. 25 times a weekend in Detroit. 8,300 times somewhere in the US every year. And the poor darkies are being mistreated by whitey? Get off the crack and open your eyes, ignoramus. Hateful racist ignoramus.

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