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They wanted Trump's tax returns..but are hiding the clinton foundation returns to hide the bribery..


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Jul 19, 2014
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the clinton foundation, an alleged charity organization is hiding their tax returns...to protect hilary by hiding the bribery that went on....

Hillary Demands Trump Release Tax Returns, But LOOK What She Is HIDING…

The third quarter covered July 1 to September 30 and is normally released during the month of October. The foundation’s website states its numbers are only good “through June 2016,” or the second quarter. In the past – and amidst much fanfare – they proudly announce their donor list. But not now.

The charity also failed to release the 2015 Form 990 federal tax return to the IRS, meaning voters will have no ability to see the charity’s financial health, programs or activities until after the election.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has harshly criticized her Republican presidential opponent, Donald Trump, for not releasing his tax returns. Trump has said repeatedly that he will release the returns once the IRS completes its audit.

But the foundation’s refusal to disclose key donor documents on the eve of the presidential balloting will likely fuel suspicions that the Clinton charity is trying to hide controversial information, which will in turn increase voter worries about her honesty and trustworthiness.

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