Theory on Pagan Gods


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Dec 25, 2015
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First of all Pagan Gods are a creation not the creator. They are not Gods. Because God is the creator and there is one God, Father, Son and Spirit as one single God. But the Pagan Gods might be supernatural creations they might be Angels and Demons. Some Angels are fallen and became Demons. One of them is Satan or Lucifer the leader of the Demons. Also Paganism has "Gods" who fight "Demons" good vs. evil. The good wins usually. Today Archangels appeared to me, and suddenly Ganesha appeared to me, Ganesha is a Indian "God" I was not afraid of him but recognised him as Archangel Michael, He appeared in traditional form with sword and as light to me but also as Ganesha. Do you think Im wrong or right? Or Im mislead? Why couldnt an Archangel appear as Ganesha? Maybe it has to do with my indian ancestry.
how come every time i get a birdie the golfing gods give me a bogey on the next hole.
You don't practice enough.

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