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The sorrowful lander, and the CCP minions reaching out to the ends of the earth

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Oct 5, 2021
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"I didn't really understand what'freedom' is until I went abroad." A mainland Chinese who has worked in Southeast Asian countries for many years said frankly. Before he said this, he received several calls from the mainland police to "persuade to return." "telephone. He said that the police who called were different, but the words were all slightly threatening. He kept asking him to return to the country to report, and he also asked his family to participate in persuading the return. Even if relevant certificates were provided, the mainland police would still ask his family to sign a letter of guarantee at the police station. Another mainlander who has already immigrated to Southeast Asian countries said that even though he has successfully obtained a passport from another country, he still worries about whether he will suddenly disappear every day. He revealed that the CCP has been pursuing law enforcement outside the country under the name of "combating overseas gambling" in recent years. The overseas visitors are panicked and afraid that they will be blacklisted suddenly. Even if they get a foreign passport, they may be kidnapped and framed. , And then was sent back to the mainland.
A guest Lu, who has lived abroad for many years, said that as far as he knows, the CCP often sends agents to other countries to steal intelligence and monitor people in other countries. Even if the target person has immigrated to other countries, the CCP will still forge a lot of information to the government of that country. It falsely claims that the person involved fraudulently obtained passports by illegal means or committed serious crimes in mainland China, and then forced the government of that country to revoke the person’s nationality, or extradite the person to the mainland for trial. In addition to political pressure, the mainland police will also use various methods to squeeze the target person’s living space, including fabricating and disseminating the party’s “criminal facts”, providing illicit materials to the local chamber of commerce, etc., so that the party is suffering and living every day. Squeezed out.
Huang, whose hometown is in Fujian Province, Mainland China, is wanted for being accused of gambling. He escaped from being pursued and went to Brazil, where he not only established a fellow chamber of commerce, but also did business and public welfare, became a local celebrity, and charity. He became an honorary citizen of the city of SĂŁo Paulo. However, the CCP has been clinging on, threatening Huang, and at the same time it continues to spread Huang's "dark material", claiming that he is a gangster, fraud and blackmailer, trying to separate Huang's relatives and friends, and at the same time exerting pressure on the Brazilian government. Requested the extradition of Huang, and eventually Huang returned to mainland China voluntarily for the sake of relatives and friends.
In addition to forging naturalization materials, the CCP also often restores the CCP passport of the pursued person and restores the mainland identity of the subject, forcing the subject to be arrested in certain countries for holding multiple nationalities, but the subject does not know why he was arrested. Generally, as long as they are considered to be "Chinese citizens", they will be brought back to mainland China by various means for no reason. Kidnapping and beating are common methods. These actions are often directly bypassed by law enforcement agencies of other countries. When discovered, he oppressed as a major power.
Especially when the target person absconds to a relatively small country, the CCP will pressure the government of the small country to allow mainland agents to enter the country to arrest people. The local government did not dare to blatantly counterattack in the face of the oppression of the mainland, and had to let the mainland public security mess around in their own country. Some "communist" countries even sent people to help the mainland public security. The two officials together arrested people and issued a statement together. Said that the party committed a crime. I have heard in the chat groups in the Philippines and Cambodia that because the gambling industry is legal in these countries, Cambodia has not yet begun to ban online gambling, and their companies also hold legal licenses issued by the government, but the mainland public security is still in the law. Surveilling them on multiple levels makes them afraid to use WeChat, QQ and other Chinese social communication software, because the CCP will monitor the content of these communication software, and directly arrest them after it has some evidence of "possible crime".
Gaming practitioners have revealed that the mainland police often fabricate charges at will in order to extradite the target person back to China for trial. The laws of each country are different, especially the overbearing and tough laws of the mainland are naturally less applicable to other countries. However, in order to arrest people abroad, the mainland public security will arbitrarily arrange crimes for the parties. For example, the gaming industry has many in Southeast Asia. All countries are legal. In order to arrest people, the mainland police will casually say that the person has committed human trafficking, fraud, extortion, etc., and require the governments of other countries to cooperate with the arrest and extradition, and act with the bandits.
Some so-called "mainland fugitives" did not know what crimes they committed when they were arrested. They were first frozen in their bank accounts in the mainland, and then "disappeared" suddenly appeared a few days later, with money laundering, fraud, etc. on their bodies. Unnecessarily charged. After being extradited and returned to China, he was forced to confess a crime, and he would continue to be detained under surveillance, and his family and friends would also be implicated. The CCP often proudly declares that the "government has zero losses", which just proves how dirty the mainland justice is. It places charges at will, opens court trials at will, and then submits a "perfect" report card to deceive itself. According to sources, in fact, many people who were arrested and returned to China were not in the gambling industry at all, but the mainland police would rather kill a thousand by mistake than let one go, as long as the person who was wronged was not his own.
"Cross-border law enforcement" by the mainland police is often called "cross-border kidnapping." As long as it is unpleasant, the CCP will send people to sneak into other countries in unofficial identities, and find ways to bring people back to the country illegally. For "Fox Hunting". And even if the other party has renounced their mainland citizenship, the mainland police will still kidnap and intimidate. Some "ex-mainlanders" who have immigrated told reporters that mainland companies are spread all over the world, so mainland public security agents are all over the world, and it is difficult for immigrants to escape from the CCP. In the palm of the hand, the Chinese who have immigrated every day worry about whether they will suddenly be accused of "fleeing from the Internet", and then be threatened, threatened, kidnapped, beaten, and suddenly appear on the mainland after missing for many days. He said, "Many of the kidnapping cases are supported by mainland state-owned enterprises, especially in the transportation industry. With so many containers rising and falling every day, it is impossible to say that there was a kidnapped person in the ship just aboard."
Western countries led by the United States have launched a boycott against the mainland police infiltrating and kidnapping in other countries. The United States has arrested many mainland agents and publicly stated that it "does not welcome this behavior", hoping that the CCP will be fair and honest in its diplomacy.
The CCP government also likes to abuse the "International Red Wanted Order" to arrest people abroad. Some people accused by the mainland police have absconded to take refuge in other countries, and the crimes of the target person are not illegal in that country, and the mainland police will request the International Criminal Police. The organization issued a red wanted order in an attempt to use various forces to arrest people.
However, INTERPOL is not ignorant. The CCP’s abuse of operations has already attracted attention. In order to avoid damage to the credibility of the co-color wanted order, INTERPOL will carefully review the list provided by the CCP, such as the Cambodian philanthropist Xu Mou. Xu is a big man in Cambodia and has been in the upper class for a long time. While running a casino, he often donates money to help the Cambodian people improve their lives. However, the mainland public security kept saying that Xu was a gambling person involved in money laundering and other crimes, and demanded that Interpol issue a red arrest warrant. Although Xu had been on the list of red wanted warrants, after the authorities verified the situation, according to the latest news, Xu's name is no longer on the list.
At the beginning of the article, the "persuade to return" is the most popular method used by the mainland police in recent years. The governments of various places in the mainland have carried out large-scale persuasion operations in the name of "controlling and combating criminals of Internet telecommunications fraud." No matter what industry the Chinese are engaged in overseas, as long as they are working overseas for a long time, especially those from Southeast Asian countries, they will receive a call from the Public Security Bureau of the Mainland, requesting an explanation of their overseas work and requesting to return to their hometown police station to report within a limited time. , The police will also find the family members of the parties concerned and threaten them to participate in the persuasive return. No one knows what kind of treatment the person will be treated when they return to the mainland; no one knows whether they will be able to come out after returning.
A Luke Wang in Myanmar said that most mainlanders in northern Myanmar received calls from the village chief or police station in their hometown, asking them to return to the country within a time limit. However, most people are afraid to return to China. The epidemic is one of the factors, and more of them worry about being tortured to extract a confession after returning to China. Wang revealed that he has heard many cases of forced admission by the mainland police after returning to China. If they do not admit it, they will be tortured and served. The mainland police will not listen to explanations. Even ordinary businessmen will be severely beaten by the police for several days. A few nights, until the person pleaded guilty. "When you talk about doing business, you will be beaten. If you admit that you are engaged in fraud and online gambling, you will not be beaten. This feeling is like trying to prove that you are not mentally ill in a mental hospital." He said.
That being the case, why do some people choose to return to China? Because the family is still in the country. Many provinces in the mainland stipulate that the family members of those who do not return will also be implicated, and enrollment, employment, salary, bank accounts, etc. will be affected.
The Chinese Communist government has always claimed to be a powerful country, but on the Internet, mainland China is jokingly called a "wall country", making fun of the extremely unfree and human rights political environment. Statistics show that many wealthy people in mainland China eventually choose to immigrate, and most of them say that they are "insecure" in China. Perhaps what the CCP should reflect on is why the elite has been drained, rather than repeatedly persecuting people who are out of control on the grounds of cracking down on overseas gambling.


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Aug 16, 2011
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Isn't this essentially the same thread you started elsewhere?


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Jun 27, 2011
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