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the Congressional Progressive Caucus has 100 members. what if they all ran for Senate? that's the kind of political revolution we need, my friends

Harry Dresden

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Dec 15, 2008
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Decades ago, the trump Nazis promised to protect, defend, and to die in their service to the mighty "job creators". This vow by the trump Nazis stands, even if wages paid by the wonderful "job creators" put all average Americans into the streets.

Since the 1960s, the trump Nazis have been so completely brainwashed they believe that, should the three branches of government ever comply with the wishes of the majority, the nation would fall to "Socialism".

So, to be truly "patriotic", the trump Nazis must bow and scrape before their capitalist gods.

This mindset has controlled the trump Nazis for over a half-century. Any attempt by progressive members of Congress to wrest control of our government from the iron grip of Big Business and the United States' 640 billionaires, so as to return political power to the people, would send the trump Nazis over the edge,

Happily, the deadly COVID Delta variant, coupled with the absolute refusal of Republicans like Ron DeSantis to permit city, county, and other community elected leaders to enforce CDC safety measures, the trump Nazis' are looking at months of ample opportunities to appease their capitalist gods. The American people can only hope a major contingent of trump Nazis makes this ultimate sacrifice to their holy cause.

trumps nazis were around in the 60's?....

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