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The City of Hate


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May 24, 2016
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Man shoves woman onto the subway tracks in NYC.
Several bystanders rushed to her aid and pulled her off the tracks, seating her on a nearby bench. Much to the credit of these particular New Yorkers.

No train was approaching at the time, authorities say. The attractive woman who was also 'groped' by the man before he shoved her on the tracks -- was taken to Bellevue Hospital with a cut to her head. She's in serious but stable condition.

Police told News 4 over the phone that the suspect told the woman "I'm going to push you" and the suspect then shoved the woman. He was last seen wearing a black shirt and dark pants.

Now we know this has happened before but not enough information is put out on those who commit such a horrendous crime. Even though those who ride subways in NYC are very aware of these outrageous crimes...and indeed the possibility of this happening is a nightmare in the back of the minds of anyone who rides subways in N.Y.C. This, of course is a matter of public safety and a huge manhunt is underway to locate the perp....Yet, the media once again fails to give a 'complete' description of the thug who did this...even though they have a very good description of his clothing....aka...black shirt and dark pants...which is a clue for those in the know...sort of a coded thing. Also.... those in the know ---understand that when they fail to mention a perps detailed description that political correctness is at play. As in: it is more important to protect a particular groups reputation than it is to protect the safety of the public.

Again ...we see the stupidity of political correctness...the media will not in print give a 'complete' description of the perp ...they will show a picture or video of the perp...which completely contradicts their p.c. operating procdure of not printing the 'detailed' description of the perp. That is the crazy world we live in.

Now new information(video) has emerged showing the picture of the perp. I will not name the group he belongs to...you can all see for yourself...like you did not know already.

'I'm Going to Push You': Man Shoves Woman on Subway Tracks

Luddly Neddite

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Sep 14, 2011
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One man's actions makes this the "city of hate"?

Hyperbole much?

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