The 4000 Terrorists

Sep 16, 2018
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CNN Newsroom is playing, for at least the 10th time that I have seen it since Friday, a tape of Fox's Chris Wallace questioning Sarah Sanders over the claim that 4,000 terrorists have come into the country illegally and the most vulnerable point of entry is the Southern border. They continue to state that the White House is lying about this point.

Does CNN or Chris Wallace ever consider whether or not the family of Ron Singh, the young police officer killed by an undocumented criminal in California, feels terrorized? I don't know if there are anywhere near 4,000 violent undocumented offenders in the US. And I don't think that this is what Sarah Sanders was referring to when she cited "The 4000 Terrorists."

But what is the definition of terror? I'll go with the standard "violence in pursuit of political aims" even though I do not believe the definition should be confined to politics. But even if you do, every undocumented alien who comes across our border illegally is committing a political act whether they know it or intend it. Certainly coming to our country seeking asylum is a political goal. Most of them may not be here to incite violence, but these political actors who do end up bringing terror to US citizens or legal residents, in my opinion, are terrorists. The political goal Paulo Mendoza had in killing officer Singh was to maintain his freedom and status in our country.

Enough with the statistics and semantics. Not every person crossing the Southern border is going to be a virtuous, hard-working benefit to the country as CNN seems to want us to believe. And not everyone of them is a murdering criminal as some want to paint them either.

So what really is so wrong with making it easier to weed out the good from the bad through whatever means possible, even if that includes a fixed, completed barrier of some sort without miles-long gaping gaps?

If a barrier wall is good enough for our staunchest ally, Israel, who uses it to keep out Palestinians, not all of whom are terrorists wanting to do harm to Israel, how does a wall when we build it become a moral issue? I have never heard a single Democrat complain about the morality of Israel's border wall, but Nancy Pelosi said a wall is not "who we are."

Well please, somebody tell me, who are we?
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