The 2nd Amendment explained in one image....


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Jul 19, 2014
For all those irrational, anti-gun extremists who hate the 2nd Amendment....the guns civilized the world....they allowed the weak to overcome the strong...........

2nd Am
Another good example of why we need the 2nd Amendment was the "Battle of Athens, Tennessee in 1946," when veterans rose up, armed themselves and fought against a corrupt government.

Surprised no one has made a movie about this.....or have they?
Your Second Amendment at work

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In Japan, 19 people were murdered in a single knife attack.
In China, 33 people were murdered and 100 injured in a single knife attack.
In France, 86 people were murdered and close to 400 injured in a single motor vehicle attack (simply running over people).
IN the United States, 87 people were killed in a single arson attack.
In Switzerland, 30% of its citizens own semi and fully automatic firearms, yet gun crime is rare.
In the United States, if was found that 82,880,000 (that's millions), people own at least one firearm. The amount of people committing crimes with firearms is less than 1% of that figure. Plus, it has been found that 54% of wrongful use firearms is lumped in with the gun death figures, and shouldn't be, because they were people who committed suicide and if they didn't have a firearm, they would have hung themselves, taken pills, jumped off bridges, stepped in front of a moving vehicle, electrocuted themselves, et cetera. In short they would still be stone cold dead.
People with evil intent will kill you, me and others, with any other instrument they want (hammers, knives, screwdrivers, bats, metal pipes, motor vehicles, fire accelerants, et cetera).
The literal many millions of firearms owners aren't the problem, the criminal mind is the problem. Most of the time, there are warnings, but people don't pay attention to them.
As to the 2nd Amendment: If you want to know what it is really for, look up the "1946 Battle of Athens, Tennessee." It's there so that citizens can rise up against a tyrannical government, to keep it FREE!
People with evil intent will kill you, me and others, with any other instrument they want (hammers, knives, screwdrivers, bats, metal pipes, motor vehicles, fire accelerants, et cetera).

Tell you what..

When 40,000 people a year are murdered with hammers and screwdrivers, we can talk about controlling them.

As of now, the biggest threat to public safety is handguns
The biggest threat to mass killings is assault rifles
You being a liberal, progressive, a Democrat and a Biden-voter, I would have to say that all those murder victims are your Second Amendment at work. Law-abiding conservative gun owners don't murder people, it always tends to be someone from your camp, not mine.

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As George Gilder showed and so does your picture. If you want less shooters and more peace , work for stable marriage.
These are mainly males in the marriageable span of life and most are not in a stable marriage with children and responsibilities

"Men truly need women, as the author writes, to "socialize and civilize" them. Without the influence of women, men are left to their own devices, and become slaves to their passions, which generally results in what would be termed "anti-social" behavior."
Your Second Amendment at work

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Wow. What a racist post. You left out all of the black children killed because of the anti-gun laws that left them unprotected against criminals with guns.. In 2020, 47% of all children killed with firearms were black children. It's almost like Planned Parenthood is out gunning for the black babies that got away. 47% of the children killed are black but black people are (again, the work of Planned Parenthood) are only 12% of Americans - for a rate of 4 times their percentage of the population. White people are are approximately 60% - 70%, depending on if you count mixed white, which your picture showing only white people includes, so we'll go with closer to the 60%.

So white children are killed with firearms at a percentage of 1/2 of their representation percentage of the population compared to 4 times for black kids, or 8 times as likely to die than white kids. And you show us just the white kids, ignoring all those black children killed because of gun control, rather than from gun rights. In fact, most all, both races, are probably from gun control more than from gun rights, but your racist depiction is just typical of the party of racism from before 1850 until today, the Democrat party is filled with racists.

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