Tesla Cybertruck - urban assault vehicle.

Bulletproof glass and 1/8" thick bulletproof stainless steel.

No such thing as bullet proof 1/8 inch stainless.
Stainless is actually really soft.
An AR will go through .400 thick commercial heat treat which is much tougher than stainless.
What I believe?
I know facts,and after further investigation the truck isnt made of standard stainless steel.
It's a blend of other metals.

There are literally hundreds of alloys of stainless steel. I once had a 1/8th inch sheet of some stainless I was given that was so hard that I literally could not cut it with a metal saw. I think by the time I made a 1/4" cut into it, the saw blade was worn out.
This stainless would all be laser (or maybe water jet?) cut, too tough for saws, but with all the alloys out there, and a 100% chance whatever Elon is using is proprietary, who knows.
It's butt ugly and I assume it's bullet proof to withstand everyday life in the US.
I think Elon has a vision for the future of this country with his truck, it only makes sense that you make something that can withstand gunfire, but he is gonna have to work on his alloy so that it can also withstand .223 and .556 rounds.


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