Syria making anti-semitic movie


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Feb 17, 2012
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Syrian artist Joseph .. next chief rabbi of the Jews in Damascus

Artist Joseph prepares to start filming next watch in the series "The janitor of the Wind", which deals with the historical period 1850 - 1860 and the events that took place in Damascus.

The artist plays "next" role Rabbi Bashi "Badran Farhi," Chief Rabbi of the Jewish community in Damascus, where it is in that historical period (1850 - 1860) has increased the influence of the Jewish community in Damascus later placed under the custody of the English and the strength of the influence of foreign consuls to the Ottoman Empire, and the start Preparation and since then any time before the Balfour Declaration in more than 50 years to compile the world's Jews in the Promised Land "of Palestine."

In an exclusive statement said artist Joseph next: I through League (Rabbi Bashi "Badran Farhi") and under the guidance of the Supreme Pontiff in Istanbul instigated the Jews of Damascus immigration to Palestine and enter into conflict with the community leader of Administrative if it can be called that, "Joseph copper" who refuses to emigrate to Palestine and deny all the story of the Promised Land, and is trying hard to stand in the face of schemes Rabbi "Badran" the protection of the community from its dominance.

The Syrian artist that in that period, he was still the religion of his influence on ordinary people, where it starts Rabbi using illegal means to force the Jews to emigrate, sometimes to kill a Jew here and the other of inciting the killing of Aoozbashi Turkish accusation lane Christians, to take from the harassment of the Ottomans to the Christians of the Levant argument for Migration that the role of the Jews after coming on Christians.

On the reason for his choice of character by the director explained, "next" it is believed that the nature of the personal advantage harshly features and clarity, and this intersects with the harsh Mlamehi obvious addition to the strong performance.

And is characterized by the series from other series of the season by opinion "next" it is associated more or less a series of events experienced by the Levant, and a large part of which spilled over into our day, as I was with the idea of a long search for the roots of all that is happening in the region.

He thanked the artist Joseph next Sama Art of artistic production to the production of this work since its inception as it has always been concerned with the selection of texts mind busy year and even technical cadres, choose carefully, and pay much attention as its productivity appears Pantajat huge cherish Syrian artists.

It is worth mentioning that filming scenes of "concierge wind" began yesterday in the lanes of Old Damascus is directed by Muthana Subh scenario Khaldun Qtlan and participate in the tournament and Ghassan Massoud Salloum Haddad, Salim Sabri and others.

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