Stalinist dogs did it again: "Polish embassy protests "Russian" attempts to deny Stalinist crimes " neo-stalenist attempts to deny , whitewash Stalin


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Sep 3, 2017
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Stalinist dogs did it again "Polish embassy protests "Russian" attempts to deny Stalinist crimes
unfortunately for our civilization we even here see neo stalenist attempts to deny , whitewash Stalinist crimes . but soon this satanic orgy will be over


The Polish embassy in Moscow has issued a statement condemning attempts "to falsify the NKVD's responsibility for the Katyn Massacre" at a conference on Polish-Russian relations held near Moscow in November.

The conference, which took place on November 16-18, was organised by the Russian Military-Historical Society (RMHS) in the Tver region, some 150 kilometres north-west of Moscow.

"The Polish Embassy in Moscow is surprised to acknowledge the fact that during a conference on Polish-Russian relations, which took place in the Tver region in November 2020, statements were made that were aimed to falsify the facts concerning the Katyn Massacre in Tver and Mednoye," the embassy said in its statement.

"In our view, the version of history promoted at the conference was aimed to falsify the NKVD's responsibility for the Katyn Massacre in Mednoye and legitimise the Stalinist version of the crime that put the blame on Nazi Germany," the embassy also said.
The Katyn Massacre was a series of mass executions of Polish POWs, mainly military officers and policemen, carried out by the Soviet NKVD in April and May 1940.... Last year, a regional prosecutor's office asked Tver city authorities to remove the plaque, arguing it had been placed there in breach of regulations.


Polish embassy protests Russian attempts to deny Stalinist crimes

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