So Jared got

You smoking your own turds again Creep? Yeah, the orange man will probably struggle to come up with $500 Million, but you carry his luggage to the lobby and wipe the piss off his hotel shitter.... and then grovel for the 20 he throws at you...

So who really gets the last laugh? :laughing0301: :laughing0301:
We do
$2billion + from the Saudis.

Why isn't he helping his father in law out with bond money?
The others have explained well enough how you are perpetuating a flat out lie saying he got $2b from the Saudis. His firm is investing $2b FOR the Saudis.

Kushner's net worth is estimated at about $800 million. And just like all people with that kind of money, most of it is tied up in real estate and other investments and not available to just write a check to somebody.
Can you show us where/how?
Apparently I overestimated your intelligence. It appears you're on par with a box of rocks.

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