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September 2011 Car Sales: The Needle Creeps Higher



According to market analysts at J.D. Power, September retail new-vehicle sales could check in at a seasonally adjusted annualized rate (SAAR) of 10.3 million unit, which would be the first time the SAAR was above 10 million units since April. With fleet sales counted in, the SAAR could reach 12.9 million units.

On the year, Power predicts total sales of 12.9 million units, with 10.2 million coming from retail customers.

The results, by automaker:

September 2011 Car Sales: The Needle Creeps Higher


From 2001 to 2008 Republicans, the Chamber of Commerce and China worked hand in hand to move millions of jobs to China.

Can't wait to hear Republicans explain why we should have let the US car industry die along with untold millions of jobs. Should be interesting. Contrast that with their plans for the American Economy, cut taxes for billionaires and corporations and cut funding for education and infrastructure.

Should be an interesting "read". Course, they will probably run on "Jobs Jobs Jobs". Only America won't be fooled again. Remember when Republicans "edited" video they "created" against ACORN? It worked so well the first time, they tried it again against Planned Parenthood, only it didn't work. You can't use the same scam twice. Besides, they keep telling us, "Government doesn't make jobs" Government needs to get out of the way". Turns out they were wrong about everything. Democrats need to keep reminding the public. When Republicans are faced with undeniable truth, they go batshit crazy and start thrashing and screaming.

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