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One truism in modern American politics is that when Democrats accuse their opposition of doing something heinous, then 99 times out of 100 it means that THEY – Democrats – are the ones doing that heinous thing. This is a Saul Alinsky principle that harkens back to the Bolsheviks. To demonstrate, if you want to kill someone, then you accuse the one you want to kill of wanting to kill you. Then, when the real target for murder rightfully accuses you of trying to kill them, it will just sound like b.s. Hell, you may even then go ahead and kill the target and claim self-defense!

It is a messaging game. All politicians are in on this, but the Democrats are ESPECIALLY in on this. All of the party big wigs are Alinsky-ites (Obama, Obama’s crew, Hillary, etc…). Why would anything think this is not going on when (1) their ideology of power dictates such b.s., and (2) we have seen them do it repeatedly?

Today, the left likes to crow about saving democracy. Just taken on face value we know this is ridiculous. Do we really want to entrust “our democracy” to garbage people like Obama, Biden, and the like? Moreover, just about every policy promoted by the Democrats work to limit our rights and liberties. Today’s Democrats are not friends with democracy.

Now, I will point out that if you listen to, or read, some of Lenin’s speeches to Russian people you will hear tinges of democracy. This was populist messaging to obtain support for revolution against the establishment power (the Czarist regime), as well as to differentiate himself and the Bolsheviks from the competing revolutionary interests.

Essentially, Lenin was talking about “the people” having control, collectively, over the country’s wealth and assets. “The people” would make decisions about how to allocate THEIR resources. This is exactly the nonsense the Democrat Socialists preach today. The primary problem with this concept is that while “The People” own everything, there must be an actual physical custodian of the property for “The People” to rely upon to execute its will. This is the state. The state is the surrogate for “The People”. This is the difference between Marxism and Marxist-Leninism. How the AOC’s of the world think they could work this in any sort of way differently from what Lenin did is mere folly.

When modern Democrats talk about “democracy”, they are not talking about it within the context of America’s constitutional republic in which we protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. Based upon the left’s desire to get rid of the electoral college, one is compelled to conclude that Democrats desire mob rule. At least, they do when it suits them.

But, is this even correct? Or is it more correct that the play on “democracy” is just another messaging ruse? Perhaps the truth really lies in the truism I mentioned in the opening paragraph. Perhaps Democrats REALLY desire to rid our nation of pluralism altogether in favor of a more authoritarian system (with them in control). Then they can do whatever they want with absolutely no regard for the rights and liberties of the minorities (e.g., Republicans, independents, Jews, Christians, etc…).

They will not call it “authoritarianism”. They call it “democracy”. But it is not democracy any more than Lenin’s speeches were about democracy. If the Democrats intend any semblance of democracy, then it was democracy in the Lenin vein, because today’s Democrats sure as hell do not give on Goddamn about our republic and how the Constitution dictates the use of, and restrictions on, democracy.

Why do we ignore the truism in the case of the alleged “war on democracy” the Democrats claim is going on, and not just assume that this means that the Democrats are, in fact, waging a war against democracy? I mean, there is ample evidence that this is the case. They may play with the terminology, but we all know what is going on here. They want to eliminate political opposition, pack the Supreme Court, tax wealth away from the wealthy and use it to buy and finance support for their ideology, eliminate constitutional provisions intended to protect our nation from tyranny, etc…

Democrats are not allies with America (i.e., the constitutional republic of America). They seek to undermine this by any means necessary. They say every day that THAT America was founded upon slavery, white supremacy, and colonialism and, there, was illegitimate. Frankly, I would not care if America was founded by left-handed fecal-philiac cannibals; the premise and charger of our nation is sound. Any man or woman of reason can see that.

Tl;dr: Democrats are horrible people
A "Democratic Republic" Is a Contradiction in Terms
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...Writing is on the wall.
American democracy is when your economy is owned by American companies and your government is controlled by the U.S. government.
This is exactly why China has no democracy. You thought it was because of the Uighurs, didn't you?

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