Review: the Trial of the Chicago 7


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Jun 21, 2020
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Apparently this is available on Netflix. I've not watched Netflix in several weeks so I can't really attest to that.
However, this author has a pretty dim view of it.

Review: the Trial of the Chicago 7

“Aren’t the Chicago 7 all Jews?”
President Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon was wrong when he assumed that every member of the Chicago 7 was Jewish, but he was close enough. The 1969 trial of seven leftwing activists for inciting a riot at August 1968’s Democratic National Convention was an intensely Jewish moment in American history. Of the seven activists on trial, three were Jews (Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Lee Weiner), and a further two (Tom Hayden and David Dellinger) lived their lives in a heavily Jewish milieu and dedicated themselves to Jewish causes. The judge in the trial, Julius Hoffman, was Jewish, as were both defense attorneys (William Moses Kunstler and Leonard Weinglass) and one of the prosecutors (Richard Schultz). For several reasons, I’ve always regarded the ultimately chaotic and clownish trial of the Chicago 7 as nothing more than a piece of degenerate Jewish political performance art, demoralising to the American justice system and energising to a new generation of Judeo-Anarchist activists. These shambolic events of 1968/9 have now been disinterred for Netflix’s propagandistic and revisionist account of the episode, The Trial of the Chicago 7, in which Jewish writer/director Aaron Sorkin attempts to refashion its “lessons” for application in Trump’s America. The result is both historically disingenuous and artistically bland.

I had just gotten out of the Navy in 68 so I remember something about a riot, but not much.
The article does bring several things to mind about "the jews" though- the comments are pretty much on point if y'all care to read them- before or after the article.

But, with the history presented in this article (and other places aw well) I am still baffled as to why Christians are adamant in their defense of Israel.
That's one thing that always comes to my mind when jews and christians are a topic of discussion.

Another thing this article brings to mind is Louis Farrakahn- he's black, and Muslim, right? He's also a very charismatic speaker and sounded pretty knowledgeable the last time I heard him, which was probably 15 or more years ago-

From the comments:

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley was ALSO a largely Jewish enterprise, which spawned 15 yrs of “causes”, protests, marching, and looting in California.
Watch the documentary, “Berkeley in the Sixties”, where you will hear one of the now old movement leaders (Jewish), declare, “We didn’t have any plan for after the revolution, we just wanted to overthrow the system.”
Poor E. European Jews fled their horrible European existance for refuage in America, where they found a “system” of incredible freedom and wealth and opportunity. Jews prospered here like no other people, yet for the last 100 years they’ve done nothing but try to destroy America.
A truely selfish, ungrateful, group of hypocrites. And, yes, not all Jews are like this, but, too many are.

It’s the JEWS…it’s always the JEWS…
I came of age during the first so-called “civil-rights” movement and saw for myself the underhanded dealings, the demonization of decent, law-abiding gentile whites, and in general, the deterioration of civil society.
Almost all of the “civil-rights” workers and demonstration “handlers” were of one persuasion–New York based leftist communist jews. They cared not one wit about true “civil rights”, but were there to create hate and discontent among their black charges (who were too stupid or naive to see that they were being used to suborn and destroy legitimate government and society–a favorite communist tactic).
These New York-based jewish “carpetbaggers” fomented their hate and discontent, only to become future “civil-rights” attorneys, race-hustlers, and America-hating leftist communists…and the ADL and $PLC being invented.
Those of us whites who were in the middle of this “civil-rights” revolution had a saying: “Behind every negro, there is a jew”. No truer words were spoken.
Let’s not forget their infestation of the nation’s education and entertainment systems, in which they spread their jewish supremacist poison.
The so-called “non-violent civil-rights demonstrations” were anything but non-violent. Robberies, rapes, and other criminal acts were common, but never reported, as even the mainstream media was “in on the game” and conveniently turned off their cameras during the acts of violence. You see, even then,”creating crises” was a part of the agenda.
The beginning of the end of America was the use of federal troops against white Americans, which, in itself was a violation of “posse comitatus”–the prohibition on the use of federal troops for domestic law enforcement purposes. As most whites were (and still are) law-abiding, they (we) were steamrollered by the use of federal troops to crush honest dissent. We never recovered from those unconstitutional actions. It was all downhill from there…
The next step may be civil-war in which us whites will have to take back our birthright by force.
Really they all are Jewish Bolsheviks??
I am technically Jewish and I have had enough of their crap !!!

Most are ingrates and frauds !!
The orthodox ones are pro-T

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