Zone1 Reparations are coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it

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I get tired of these kinds of comments from whites in this forum.

And some Whites get tired of your dishonest and deceitful approach to Race/Racial realities in the USA. Just like how you approached this reparations issue, once again.

Michigan's John Conyers had been a leading U. S. House of Rep's member among the group helping to try get a Reparations possibility, even to study, for the past several decades since the late 80s. Go read and it weep --then go research N'COBRA. Efforts fail flat on their face every time.
Yet, notice how you never came once running/hollering that "Reparations are coming, whether you like it or not" lol?? 1987!

You never hollered your nonsense, because you know it'll be another 50-60yrs before you Blacks ever see a program extending you any real reparations. And even at the point, it will be ONLY because the remaining Black people will be light-skinned. Yep. Which means they will be, half-White, which of course translates into... the USA society will have no problem with extending them reparations then.

More than fifty billion dollars (based on its value in 1930) was spent on The New Deal and Servicemen’s Readjustment Act.

It was tax-payer dollars which funded it.
Now... guess where 80-85% of the tax dollars came from??? White citizens! Which meant that The New Deal and SRA were benefits of tribalism, pal.
Those were not Black citizens' tax dollars keeping the coffers full of $$$ to fund programs and imperatives launched by The New Deal.
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Read em and weep. Reparations are coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

“No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come.”
— Victor Hugo

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California introduces first-in-nation slavery reparations package​

California state lawmakers introduced a slate of reparations bills on Wednesday, including a proposal to restore property taken by “race-based” cases of eminent domain and a potentially unconstitutional measure to provide state funding for “specific groups.”

The package marks a first-in-the-nation effort to give restitution to Black Americans who have been harmed by centuries of racist policies and practices. California’s legislative push is the culmination of years of research and debate, including 111-pages of recommendations issued last year by a task force.

Not included is any type of financial compensation to descendants of Black slaves, a polarizing proposal that has received a cool response from many state Democrats, including Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“While many only associate direct cash payments with reparations, the true meaning of the word, to repair, involves much more,” Assemblymember Lori Wilson, chair of the caucus, said in a statement. “We need a comprehensive approach to dismantling the legacy of slavery and systemic racism.”

That the racist right opposes reparations comes as no surprise, of course.

States and local jurisdictions are at liberty to enact such measures as they see fit.
That the racist right opposes reparations comes as no surprise, of course.

States and local jurisdictions are at liberty to enact such measures as they see fit.
That you leftist black libtard racists endorse “reparations” comes as no surprise.


But it’s still DOA.
National Public Radio,

Most California voters oppose cash reparations for slavery, poll finds​


A majority of California voters oppose making cash payments as a form of compensation to residents of the state who are the descendants of enslaved African-Americans, according to a new poll from the University of California, Berkeley.

The findings suggest a tough political road ahead for the effort to make California the first state in the nation to adopt a cash reparations program to atone for slavery's legacy.

The poll of more than 6,000 registered voters found that only 23 percent supported cash reparations, compared to 59 percent who said they opposed them, and 13 percent who had no opinion.

For those who don’t live in California, there’s no valid reason to oppose reparations – except for fear, willful ignorance, and racism.
There is no valid reason to support reparations.

This is the main reason to oppose reparations:


Whites are not responsible for blacks problems. The black genome is responsible for black problems.

We owe Negroes nothing. They owe us for the benefits of living in a civilization incomparably superior to anything they have ever created on their own.

RomeAfrica 2.jpeg

Blacks are better off in the United States than in any black majority, black run country in the world. This is true both economically, and health wise. It cannot be said that we benefit from the black presence.
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More than fifty billion dollars (based on its value in 1930) was spent on The New Deal and Servicemen’s Readjustment Act. That amount is the equivalent to just over 1 trillion dollars today. Both programs are credited with providing a significant boost to wealth accumulation in America. These policies created the modern day white miiddle class. Both policies excluded vast numbers of blacks who worked and paid taxes.
During the New Deal 90% of the U.S. population was white. Most Negroes were subjected to second class citizenship. Most whites voted for Franklin Roosevelt knowing that rich people would be taxed to benefit them. They knew they would not be taxed to benefit blacks. This is why Roosevelt kept civil rights laws off of the New Deal agenda.

President Roosevelt's New Deal turned millions of unemployed whites into a law abiding, tax paying working class.

President Johnson's Great Society turned millions of low income blacks into an unemployable underclass, the members of which often supplement their welfare checks with the gains from criminal activity.

Most poor whites and most poor blacks respond differently to government efforts to help them.
By electing democrats like biden who will use the federal treasury to pay for liberal escapades in california
President Biden knows that reparations are electoral Kroptonite. He hopes this bizarre issue goes away.

A Conversation with Professor Arthur Jensen of Berkeley, this interview is still as timely and relevant as the day it was recorded in 1992.​


Arthur Jensen is Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. He is perhaps the world’s best-known scholar in the field of racial differences in intelligence. Ever since 1969, when his article, “How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement?”, appeared in the Harvard Educational Review, he has been at the center of what is probably the most controversial of all academic fields. Prof. Jensen has been widely reviled, but his patient research and keen analysis have now won a position of near-unanimity for his views — at least among specialists.

What follow are excerpts from a several-hour conversation with Prof. Jensen, in which he talks about race, intelligence, sex differences, eugenics, and the future of the United States.


Professor Arthur Jensen: Where the differences in basic characteristics are not conspicuous, as in the case of [East] Asians and whites, and when persons can fit in and do the same kinds of jobs and do them as well as anyone else, it may work. See, there are blacks who fit in this way too — who do all right.

But the black population in this country is in a sense burdened by the large number of persons who are at a level of g that is no longer very relevant to a highly industrialized, technological society. Once you get below IQs of 80 or 75, which is the cut-off for mental retardation in the California School System, children are put into special classes. These persons are not really educable up to a level for which there’s any economic demand. The question is, what do you do about them? They have higher birth-rates than the other end of the distribution.

People are shocked and disbelieving when you tell them that about one in four blacks in our population are in that category — below 75.
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President Biden knows that reparations are electoral Kroptonite. He hopes this bizarre issue goes away.
If biden wins reelection he becomes a lame duck and that changes everything

But its not necessary that fed money be transferred to California immediately
If biden wins reelection he becomes a lame duck and that changes everything

But its not necessary that fed money be transferred to California immediately
President Biden faces a tough dilemma. He knows that blacks votes are often necessary for the Democrats in tough elections. He also knows that most Americans do not share black concerns, and many Americans do not like blacks.

He should learn from Ronald Reagan. Reagan knew that he needed religious rights votes, but that most Americans, including many Republicans, did not like the religious right. Reagan gave the religious right rhetorical support, but did nothing to advance their agenda.

Negroes are rarely very smart. Nevertheless, I think most of them know a second Trump administration would do them a lot of harm.
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According to who? Some white bigot online? Because it's damn sure not according to black youth. You come to my town and talk that shit to the black men/women who I worked with when they were youth and you'll get cussed out. And why do you say that? Do you labor under the great white delusion of grandeur whereby your ancestors came over here with nothinng and miraculously made it big?

How decades of US welfare policies lifted up the white middle class and largely excluded Black Americans​

If whites are responsible for black poverty, why are American Negroes more affluent than African Negroes?
Trump says a lot of things he does not mean.

Oh, so that makes Trump just like the rest of the human population eh? Thanks for answering the question... and I had one more for you if thats ok:

How will you view Trump, if he wins then actually does some of the things he said there for Blacks --and does not be a champion liar??
Reparations Again, by Jared Taylor

The idea of reparations has a hypnotic effect on blacks. Not only does it console them with the idea that black failure is someone else’s fault, it comes with the intoxicating fantasy that money will drop out of the sky. The latest version of this fantasy is Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Atlantic article “The Case for Reparations.”...

Some people claim it was slavery that made the United States rich, so reparations would just share the wealth. This is foolishness. Slaves were manpower–manpower directed by whites–and were hardly a miracle of productivity. Many abolitionists argued that slave labor was grossly inefficient and that blacks would be more productive if they were put to work at prevailing wages. Indeed, the South, where slavery was practiced longest and which had the largest black population, was always poorer than the North...

African blacks practiced slavery for centuries before Americans did, and it was Africans who sold slaves to whites....

Blacks call themselves “African Americans,” but precious few want the squalor, violence, corruption, and disease of the mother continent. They are much better off right where they are–“racism” and all–and they know it.
If someone was wronged by the Sovereign because of their race, I say, Go for it! This is not "reparations," it is justice.

Reparations for slavery? Good luck with that. Reparations for racism? Sure. Prove that you were wronged, prove the damages, prove that it was due to your race. Fine.
Two people I knew personally were damaged due to race: they lost out on promotions due to less qualified people selected due to THEIR race.

Oh, the ones damaged were white….their competition black. They both sued, won, got the promotions, and the differential in pay for the two years they were fighting the racism.
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