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Nov 22, 2003
Who was with us, who was not:

“When the twin towers collapsed… My lungs filled with air and I breathed in relief, as I had never breathed before."

'Ali 'Uqleh 'Ursan,
Syrian Arab Writers Association chairman
Al-Usbu' Al-Adabi (Damascus)
September 15, 2001

Since the attacks on September 11, 2001, The Middle East Media Research Institute has monitored, translated, and recorded what was said in the Arab and Iranian press about that day. Prominent journalists, members of academia, leading religious figures, and even Arab government officials helped shape conspiracies about what "really" happened.

The carefully documented collection is now available as a PDF and includes a compilation of articles and editorials from the mainstream Arabic and Persian language press, as well as transcripts from television programs.

A documentary film about the Arab and Iranian reaction to 9-11 incorporates footage from various TV and satellite stations in the Middle East. It was made with Interface Media Group and narrated by acclaimed actor Ron Silver.
The Middle East Media Research Institute Presents:


* Entire Volume
* Chapters 1 - 3
* Chapters 4 - 6
* Chapters 7 - 10

From the MEMRI archives:

September 10, 2002

The September 11 Attacks Were Perpetrated by the Jews
Foreword by Congressman Tom Lantos

* Full Version (43 minutes)

* Part 1 (15 minutes)
* Part 2 (17 minutes)
* Part 3 (11 minutes)
I suck at Google searches.

I'd love to get a list of all the artcles written by Americans in the two weeks after 9/11 that said we deserved it.

I bet it's a long list. The number of Americans who hate this country is pretty mind boggling.

You expect the enemy to hate us.

There is a user on this board who has a quote in his sig line about that very thing. I read it earlier today but I can't remember the posters name. It was something like... the downfall of all great civilizations never comes from without, but from within.

Something like that.

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