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Putin's dogs attacked the nunnery ... OMON, Rosgvardiya and police stormed the Sredneuralsk nunnery. Reason: Covid-1984 denial


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Sep 19, 2008
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Brooklyn, NYC
PUTIN'S DOGS ATTACKED THE NUNNERY... OMON, Rosgvardiya and police stormed the Sredneuralsk nunnery. (VIDEO)
On the morning of April 14, Putin's dogs stormed the Sredneuralsk nunnery. On the territory of the monastery about 50 cars: cars of the Federal Guard Service, OMON, police, as well as official cars with black license plates. Bandits Putin sawed doors with bolts and cordon off the entrances to the bell towers. As bailiffs told E1.RU, people are being evicted from the monastery by the Verkhnyaya Pyshma court.
The only 'crime' of nuns and their incarcerated priests Father Sergy is their disobedience to Putin's KGB 'Church' and their continuously refusal to accept Covid-1984 scamdemic lie.
Like Biden and Zelensky Putin is a satanist and works only for satanist agenda, not for Russians. The goal of satanists is the antihalation of humanity either by the 'vaccine' or by a nuclear war. Do you know the true believe of satanists? Presstitutes never write about. The only goal of satanists and their foot soldiers freemasons is an extermination of man as a 'wrong' creation of God. Therefore satanists destroyed more as 98% of all churches within and transformed them to fluffy-bunny- hippie-dippier politically correct communist dens.
Putin permanently fights against born-again true churches. Any church which isn't in compliance with corrupted and empty Russian KGB 'Church' must be closed and their priests imprisoned. Western presstitutes cover daily stories about any fart of Navalny, practically the guy who will success Putin and receives from him the political capital now.But did you ever heard about beating of noons, robbing of their property, persecution just for refusal to wear the satanic mask and believe in Covid-1984 insanity? I doubt it, presstitutes are run by satanists and freemasons too.
Don't let you fool yourself, there aren't Biden, Putin, Zelensky & Co, there are criminal Satan worshipers who want to start WWIII and to destroy humanity. The persecution of True Churches in Russia by satanist Putin is a good proof for this.

Putin, you can't fight against God, you and your police animals will burn in Hell, you a satanic traitor!



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Mar 14, 2015
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Yeah. The defender of Christianity, as some wise people claim.

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