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Please Stop Sexualizing Our Children


Apr 25, 2011
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Central PA
We agree, just not when the appropriate age has been reached for these discussions.

when do you feel the appropriate age is?

I dont think there is an appropriate age. I think because each child matures at a different rate, adult subjects such as this have to be addressed on an individual basis. This isnt basic math, its possibly life altering discussions that dont belong in any gradeschool.

The way I see it is this... Most kids go into puberty at pretty close to the same time. When puberty hits, there are a lot of "feelings" that arise along with it. I think when most kids are hitting puberty is the perfect time to discuss sexual issues and appropriate choices(including abstinence). You aren't going to turn a straight kid gay by talking about homosexuality. You aren't going to talk kids into having sex by talking about contraception.

Get all the shit out on the table. Answer their questions with tact, dignity and respect. Get rid of the myths and false ideas out there about sex.

I'll compromise with you in this way though.... Make it an elective. If the kid or his/her parents don't feel he/she is ready for it, then they don't have to take it. OTOH... what if the kid wants to be informed, but the parents don't want their kid to be informed?
M.D. Rawlings

M.D. Rawlings

Classical Liberal
May 26, 2011
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Heavenly Places
ah another gays are evil thread....

Ah . . . another statist moron who sees nothing wrong with the state imposing his morality on others. Clearly the laws in California and Massachusetts are unconstitutional. These violations of parental authority need to be challenged in the courts all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

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