Online Gifts for Deployed Troops


Top of the Food Chain
Apr 17, 2004
Just passing some word. Might be handy for all our friends overseas....

Give Exchange Certificates to Deployed Troops
Week of November 27, 2006

The Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) operates 53 PX/BX facilities throughout Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. Even the most basic operation provides access to toiletries, phone cards and cold drinks. Any American can provide these and many more items to deployed troops by ordering a lightweight "Gift from the Homefront" gift certificate for less than it costs to send a 1-pound package. With the PX/BX certificates, troops can pick up toothpaste, socks or even Burger King Whoppers when they want them. "Gifts from the Homefront" are not only redeemable at exchanges throughout Iraq and Afghanistan, but can also be used at any of the 187 name brand fast food outlets AAFES operates in the contingency theater. To order PX/BX certificates, visit or call (877) 770-4438.


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