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Observing Our Nation's Children


Apr 1, 2011
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Bill5 ticks me off as a parent because I know the efforts I make at keeping my children considerate toward mainstream society, and yes, this can be a difficult thing because some things within mainstream is completely 'out there'. Yes, even to me.

I watch other children and I understand what others say as parents about children who are constantly disobedient and consistently testing boundaries that their parents show evidence of neglecting. I am not dismissing this! I am not in any way spouting off about personal issues I may have with bill5, I am instead voicing my concern about a potential movement spanning from the one bill5 is so boastfully proud of. Children in public.

When I take my children in public, it isn't even something we do much of because we had always been so pressed for money... but as a parent I have always made SURE my children are obedient, or as obedient as is logical, considering.

If bill5 is a parent, perhaps our experiences are just so different that bill5 can post so against our children... but I cannot. My experiences have taught me to be selective in where I take my children, of course, and to what extent of time they spend in various places, but it would be completely illogical for any business that SHOULD accommodate families, like restaurants and such, to BAN children.

Perhaps we should instead ban ASSHATTERY. Yet, then, what would we rebel against as children of the nation? :evil: Brat ban, indeed. Unless bill5 was referencing to something else, this would be my rebuttal.
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