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Obama: 'We could lose this election'


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Dec 19, 2011
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Obama: 'We could lose this election' - POLITICO.com

President Obama warned campaign volunteers Thursday that he could lose the election if they don't work hard through Election Day.

"This is going to be a close election, so we just got to work really hard over these next 12 days. If we let up and our voters don't turn out, we could lose this election," he told a couple dozen campaign volunteers and staffers at a campaign office on Hyde Park Ave., near his home here.

He then sounded a more optimistic note: "Now the good news is, if our voters do turn out, we will definitely win the election."

Obama's stop here came after he became the first sitting president to cast an early ballot for himself.

After campaign rallies Thursday in Tampa, Fla., and Richmond, Va., and his stops in Chicago, Obama is headed for an evening rally at a Cleveland airport before retuning to the White House.

Dam, for the sake of the economy and the mood of the country I hope he loses...

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