Obama ranked in top 10 best presidents by Experts ??

I'd say that Obama did a lot to advance personal freedom and peace of mind. Probably the most since LBJ but without nam.

You're welcome to disagree but there's tens of millions of gays and trans people that deserve freedom and by doing so you're siding with some very evil and bad people. It is the defining line of our time on rather you're for freedom or you're against it...Russia, Hungry, and most of the most repressive shit holes on this planet all have this in common. He made us be able to marry and be free. This my friend is the right thing to do and puts him as one of the best presidents.

His ACA even through has its flaws allows for millions of people to have better and higher quality health insurance within a very fucked up and greed based system. Millions are better off because of these policies.
Maybe you should address your illiteracy before you try to school anyone on policy. Once you do that, you might find your opinion changes. I gave you a head start by emphasizing the most glaring examples.
By period pads. No intellectuals would agree with that. No offense to Obama but it just doesn't line up.
Obama had significant lasting legislation in Obamacare, Led an economic recovery from the worst recession in 75 years, CIC in two wars and fought a war on terrorism
Achievements Historians look favorably on.

Trump provided inept leadership on COVID, weakened international alliances, was impeached twice, refused a peaceful transfer of power, initiated the Jan 6 attacks and was brought up in 4 felony indictments
Easily the worst President of all time

I voted for Obama the first go around. I was worried that he might bring Chicago style politics to the Swamp but felt he would be a great president as he was a first (the first black President).

Well Obama did bring Chicago style politics to the Swamp. He didn’t get my vote the second time he ran.


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