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Obama IRS Partisanly F*s TEA Party Groups One Last Time


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Aug 4, 2015
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IRS denies tea party groups after long wait for decision on tax-exempt status
IRS denies tea party groups after long wait for decision on tax-exempt status

Yes, the IRS admitted they targeted TEA Party groups
- IRS admits targeting conservatives for tax scrutiny in 2012 election
- IRS Apologizes For Targeting Conservative Groups In 2012 Election | The Huffington Post

Yes, John Koskinen perjured himself about the targeting of TEA Parties by his IRS. Yes Koskinen was protected by Barry from being indicted / charged - he didn't even lose his job.

After all this time, with the media's / countries attention off of them and turned to the seditious rioting and calls for the assassination of Trump going on now, the IRS has finally, quietly, gotten back to the Conservative groups they targeted and then placed in limbo waiting for an answer regarding their tax exempt status....

And for old times sake, or payback, the answer was 'NO'!

"Nearly seven years after it applied to the IRS for nonprofit status, the Albuquerque Tea Party has finally been given a decision: Denied.

The tax agency, under orders from a federal judge, is belatedly tackling the remaining tea party cases that it delayed for years, and so far the tea party isn’t doing well. Only one of the three groups in the case was approved, and the other two, including Albuquerque, got notices of proposed denials last week.

The applicants will have a chance to appeal, but the denials aren’t sitting well with the groups, whose attorney said it’s more evidence that the IRS continues to single out the tea party for abuse."

What else would you expect from vindictive / partisan Obama and his administration, especially in the wake of a Conservative Presidential election win and his 'legacy' in jeopardy of being destroyed?!

(Only 2 Presidents in the history of the United States ever used the IRS as a weapon against American citizens....Bill CLINTON and BARAK OBAMA.)

So on the way out the door, Barry F*s 'em one more time. Classy.

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