No Elections in Ukraine


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Mar 19, 2015
What became of 'muh, democracy'?

Think the Biden junta wouldn't mind that happening here? Maybe the new bird virus and they'll say we can't hold an election in 2024 to save democracy?

How are those free elections in Russia going?

Run, Putinsuckers, run. Your skills are needed. Those commie wangs won't suck themselves.
Thank you for an apt comparison, Ukraine is just like Russia ergo they don't need our support
It's true. Ukraine invades other countries, bomb civilians as a matter of policy, has promised to genocide all Russians, and imprisons all dissidents.

Oh wait, they don't. The fascists here are making excuses for fascist Russia, because they love Russia, specifically because of the fascism. They want the USA to follow the Russian fascist model.

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