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New flag needed???



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Dec 8, 2014
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We Southern Patriots have always considered the American flag to be a symbol of hate. It was the flag carried by the Union scum when they invaded our land and killed our people and destroyed our farms and cities.

It looks like we are being joined by our Black friends in recognizing that this is a divided nation and not a a real union.

We could have three flags:

One of the Socialists

One for the Negroes, White Guilt pukes and queers

One for the Patriots. Maybe like the one we had back in 1861.

Macy Gray's call for a new American flag receives mixed reactions: 'Now the flag is too white?!'

The 'I Try' singer suggested the colors be altered and two stars be added​

Don't like the country, the flag? Feel free to GTFO!

Why should I leave? It is the Negroes, Queers and greedy Socialists that suck. They need to be the ones to leave.
Feel free to try to make us leave. Should be entertaining.

Yes it will be. Actually looking forward to it. I am "well regulated". You little pussies are scared shitless of firearms.

What kind of pussy are you to make anonymous threats on a message board? Be a man and at least post your identity first. That should be a requirement if you're going to threaten people.

If I wanted to threaten somebody there would be no doubt about it.

I was replying to a stupid Moon Bat making stupid statements out his/her/its ass.

If this country wants to have another Civil War over Socialism and Black racism there will be hell to pay for a lot of people.

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