my sources in Washington tell me-- biden out by Aug. 1

YOU would certainly know one.

That's all you start.
usmb hickrshit text.jpg
Tulsi Gabbard would be a better candidate for Democrats.
Anyone would be better than biden...unfortunately for the democrats they have no one that has any appeal to voters....their best chance would be some hollywood star or sports figure that people like.
No...i just used that because one is required.
Ahhh. . . o.k.

Yeah, we all thought that was going to be a thing, like, months ago.

No one thinks it is a thing now.

Joe is going to try to bring the DNC to victory now.

. . . and after that?


. . . we will just be stuck with the hyena.
We're not the one's calling for the termination of the constitution. That's y'all.


Your actions speak much, much louder than your lies

We're not the one that tried to overturn a lawful election. That's y'all.

No one tried any such thing, dimwit.

No one has ever even been charged for any such thing.

You fuckers lie like yesterday's dirty rug.

We're not the ones that attacked the capitol to prevent a peaceful transition of power. That's y'all.

No thank you.

You're entitled to be a dimwitted asshole if you want to be.

Ain't freedom grand?

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