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Apr 17, 2004
Mustang: A Combat Marine.

Biographical novel Colonel Gerald P Averill. He went from Pvt thru Col and fought in WWII and Korea. He retired from the Corps in the sixties and then worked for the CIA and USAID in Vietnam.

I bought this book brand new in 1988 and have read it a couple or three times. I'm rereading it again. IF you want to know what it feels like to be a Marine, the internal gut feelings and attitudes, this is the book. These "feelings" are expressed and demonstrated by the Marines in Anbar Province, Falluja, and Bagdad with inadequate words like "Honor, Courage, & Commitment" or "Semper Fi". The words have powerful meanings, but are very hard to articulate unless you have similar experience. This book is about a Marine Corps that predated my experience by forty years, and yet I can relate perfectly.

While I still grieve for fallen friends, with the latest being less than two weeks fresh, I can take comfort. This book reminds me of why I did what I did and why Ken Macks death will not be in vain.

The [ame=]Link[/ame] is to an amazon review that says at the end, "This is a book so specialized that it will be of interest almost exclusively to Marines and former Marines." I disagree. IF you can find a copy in the library, I would suggest reading it.

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