Muscovite says he killed British frogman, Commander Lionel "Buster" Crabb 50 years ago I Crabb has inspired Ian Fleming's 007


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Sep 3, 2017

SO GUYS, What do you think ?​

The long-running mystery surrounding the fate of a British naval hero who vanished while spying on the Soviets took another twist worthy of a thriller yesterday when a soviet frogman surfaced to claim that he had killed the Briton, who was allegedly fixing a bomb (FAT MUSCOVITE LIE) to a Soviet warship....

Since then there has been a swirl of claim and counterclaim both about what happened to Crabb and exactly what he was doing in the water that day. A coroner later ruled that a headless body found in June 1957 was Crabb's but some of his relatives have always believed he was captured and whisked away to USSR.

On Thursday, Muscovite television carried the claims of retired sailor Eduard Koltsov, who said he had killed Crabb and felt the need to clear his conscience before he died. Koltsov, 23 at the time, told Ren-TV's Secret History programme he had been ordered to investigate suspicious activity around the ship, the Ordzhonikidze, when he spotted Crabb fixing a mine to the hull. "I saw the silhouette of the diver. He was fiddling around with something near the right side of the ship and the storage bay where we kept our ammunition. I swam closer. I saw he was attaching a mine. (RT🇷🇺.ru crap) " Showing the knife he claimed to have used, Koltsov said he lunged at Crabb and killed him - an act that earned him a Red Star medal."

never trust a 🇷🇺 Muscovite, they ALWAYS LIE....​


Muscovite says he killed British frogman 50 years ago​

PS RIP Commander Lionel "Buster" Crabb


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