MST3K Lives!


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Mar 25, 2004
Near Atlanta, GA
It's called Rifftrax. Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy (writer and voice of Tom Servo) have gotten together to ressurrect MST3K, but this time, with movies that you've actually heard of (no more liscensing issues). For $2-4 per audio file, you get an mp3 with synching instructions (as well as occasional synching checks via a robot who says a line 'in synch' with the movie) of Mike and Serv-uh, I mean Kevin ripping apart a movie, just like they did in the good ole' days before the SciFi Channel lost its mind. I just finished watching the one for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I laughed until I nearly wet myself...literally. A few funny lines:

Up the hell shut. (in response to Yoda)
Movie lengtheners activated. Tedium enhancers at full power.
Look, it's the army of Pollywallydoodlealltheday!
I've heard the one for Roundhouse is the best, as it is Mike Nelson's favorite movie.

Man, I loved me some MST3K. I wish the sets weren't so expensive (obviously, I understand that they need to charge what they do considering each episode is 2 hours long), I'd buy more.

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