‘Merkel Lies’: How Europe was deceived about the Minsk Agreements

If I were Zelensky, I would authorize elections now. I would take part in them and expectedly lose to any candidate, and then I would go to Israel with my millions and a sad face...
But that's me, they won't let Zelensky do it.
Ukraine is killing its wounded. Ukraine is bulldozing its dead into holes. Ukraine kills in the back those, who did not want to die for the regime of the bloody clown, going to the meat counterattack. Ukraine is killing its prisoners of war.
Ukrainian, you have no chance to survive.
If you know only one leading European 'politician' who isn't a secret freemason, satanist or a 'baby' of Schwab please to respond.
The sad truth there is almost none except probably Maria Le Pen and Nigel Farage.
The hugely support of SCAMdemic CONvid - 1984 and mRNA Quackcine showed all of them are bought and paid by NWO.
So it's understandable why all of them support the war in Ukraine and put us on the verge of nuclear Armageddon.
Don't be fooled, Schwab, Biden, Trump, Putin, Zelensky, 99,99% of European leading 'politicians', presstitutes are one and the same team, they want to hugely reduce the population of humans due to the Climate Protection.
The war in Ukraine is an intermediate step in the Great Reset of Schwab & Co
Merkel and Scholz practically swim in the blood of Russians and Ukrainians, hopefully them (together with Putin and Zelensky of course) get punished for their crimes against humanity

anyone found guilty of such crimes by either God's legal system or the Karmatic legal system in the Heavens, deserves not only the full measure of punishment available, but to be turned into an example. only then will Humanity learn from their mistakes and elect better leaders.
UAF obliterated again and Troll Nazi Winkle still not able to accept simple Facts .
You have no men and no army Troll Nazi .

Gives you a huge problem Nazi Winkle
So the Ukes have kept the Ruzzies in check for TWO YEARS!! Maybe they're doing something right.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy threatened to host nuclear weapons on territory of Ukraine Feb 19 2022. Zelenskyy is a comedian but that wasn't a joke, like when he said Ukrainians were taking Russians' property like they did from Jews. War ensued 5 days after the threat.

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