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LOL - Dumb Thug Threatens Off-Duty Cop And Pays The Price


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Jun 6, 2018
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"East Ridge police officers interacting with the community are once again in the spotlight after we shared body camera footage Monday of an exchange between East Ridge officers and a man helping a family find their lost dog. That man, Kadron Locklin, now faces Aggravated Assault Charges. In a recent body camera video, East Ridge Police respond to the call that started because a dog got loose.

According to a police report, Locklin followed the dog and ended up on off duty police officer Andrew Carter’s property. The report says Locklin threatened Carter with a weapon that police found in Locklin’s car, but body camera video shows Locklin explaining Carter threatened him first. Clara Lewis (the dog's owner) says she and her teenage son watched it all happen. According to Lewis her son helped chase down the dog with Locklin. She says her son made a written statement to police that Carter threatened Locklin first.

That body camera video also shows Roistacher asking Carter which charge he thinks fits what happened here.
Officer: "I'll do whatever you want done, you're the vic" Carter: "I'll like to prosecute for aggravated assault." Police ultimately arrested Locklin and did charge him with aggravated assault. Now, Locklin's attorney wants to see the District Attorney dismiss the case."

Fortunately, the guy who was arrested was fired from his job that same day.....He made the mistake of mouthing off and threatening the wrong person and ended up paying the price for it....He is lucky he was not shot, which would have been totally justified if you are dumb enough to threaten a cop with a weapon...no matter what the weapon was, a bat, a gun, pepper spray, a flag pole, anything -- if you threaten a cop, you open yourself up to being shot......

The only thing I have a problem with is -- why would the responding officer say "I'll do whatever you want" -- WTF? Why not do what the evidence dictates? So you would have charged the guy with attempted rape if the off-duty cop told you so? It's on you to investigate not just let your cop buddy tell you what to do.....but all in all, as long as the guy was arrested and off the streets, that is what matters....Next time, maybe the guy will learn to know his place and keep his mouth shut.


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Oct 16, 2017
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What happened to only draw your weapon and/or point it if you mean to use it? These police obviously need more funding.

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