Laken Riley's Murder Is the Fault of Democrats at Every Level of Government

Million Illegals , Single Military Age Males , Getaways , Refugees , hastily Processed Migrants during Xiden’s Watch
How dummy?

How did Biden supposedly let in "10-20 million" illegals in 3 years? :cuckoo:
By allowing Catch & Release / Turbocharged Processing ( Default Policy “ Just Let them In “)

Border agents RECORD every such encounter and release based on asylum law that has been on the books well before Biden.

Under Trump there was the same law, but he had "stay in Mexico" program, so people would wait for asylum aplicaiton there. For the entire Trump presidency there were less than 100,000 cases under that program.

So where the hell did you get 10-20 million from?
Oooh, "Single Military Age Males"... wow, that sounds scary.

Here's an idea. Let them join our military in exchange for citizenship. Problem solved
Sure, that's what we need. A foreign army operating on our soil. When the Government sends the army against the people, an army of illegal immigrants will be even better than the blue helmets of the UN because when they're wearing our uniforms we have no way of knowing that they're the enemy until they've already got the advantage. They won't care at all about being sent against their neighbors because they're not our neighbors. They won't care about our Constitution because their entire existence here destroys our Constitution. What a great idea.

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