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Judge Bows To Pressure & Takes The Side Of BLM Over Police


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Jun 6, 2018
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"In 2016, former Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah fatally shot Jay Anderson Jr. Prosecutors originally declined to file charges against Mensah, but nearly five years later, it is a different story. Earlier this week, Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Glenn Yamahiro found probable cause to charge Mensah in the death of Anderson. Yamahiro was asked to review the case through the John Doe process, which allows a judge to question witnesses directly and then determine whether or not to file charges.

During his time with the Wauwatosa Police Department, Mensah shot and killed three people over the course of five years, the shootings were ruled as justified self-defense by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, according to the Journal Sentinel. A special prosecutor, who will review the case and determine if there is a probable cause to charge Mensah, will be appointed in the months to come."

So the guy was found justified in the shooting deaths of 3 thugs -- but since a bunch of other thugs started having rallies and protests -- some weak judge folds to the pressure and claims now there is probable cause to charge the officer??

To recap.....Alvin Cole, 17 yr old teen was shot when he refused police commands to drop his gun.....next, there was Antonio Gonzales who was shot and killed when he refused to drop his sword....therefore, live by the sword, die by it....fortunately, those cases will remain closed....Then there is the case of Jay Anderson...who was sleep in his car when Mensah approached his car and noticed a gun in the passenger seat. Mensah feared for his safety when he saw Anderson was reach for the gun and shot him 5 times....sounds like an open and shut case but this is the case the judge says there was probable cause??

Toffeenut Baconsmuggler

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Mar 28, 2021
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Then that judge needs to be relieved of their position, because they cannot make logical and reasonable decisions anymore.


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Oct 16, 2017
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Really? One brought a sword to a gunfight?
“We always hear about police who are involved in civilian deaths as ‘bad apples,’ but the whole saying is ‘one bad apple spoils the barrel’,” Emilio De Torre, a Guild Steering Committee member, said. “Holding one officer accountable is an important first step, but there is a bigger picture here that needs to be addressed.”
That's right. The entire barrel needs addresses.
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