Joe Biden "me vs. extreme MAGA Republicans"

Good grief you are vile....
No where near as vile as puzzy grabbing, sex abuser and completely self absorbed, womanizing cheating, traitor Trump….you can’t be serious. He deserves every vile comment we can muster. He’s a vile human being.
He‘s a convicted sex offender.
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The founders hate Democrats and everything they stand for. They would take up arms and put down the Dem insurrection.
What bull crap. The founding fathers completely omitted political partiy affiliation from the constitution. There were no democrats, republicans or other.
Joe Biden is a SEVERE RETARD. He can't seriously think he is fit to run this country when all he does is shit his pants and get lost on stage. Liberals want him mush brain to stay in so they can control him. Pathetic.
Considering this retard you call Biden is infinitely smarter than Trump, I guess they’ve yet to coin a name for Trump on the stooopid scale.
There you go !
Slow and easy Big D, don‘t fall. That comes from trying to “push” that wheel barrow we call a fat gut down a ramp.

Adn that was several years ago now.

We've progressed to this:


Just to keep him upright when he does have a podium to lean on.

He hasn't got long left.

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