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Joe Biden Interferes In State Election Laws

San Souci

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Feb 4, 2020
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Did you hear about Joe Biden calling a state of Georgia election law"racist"??? I guess he forgot the part of the Constitution that says the President has no jurisdiction over state law or state elections. The Supreme Ct said that several times.

The doctrine is called "Separation of Powers." It is explained right here https://constitutioncenter.org/.../article-i/clauses/750

Jojo did more than just complain. He pressured Major League Baseball to move the All Star Game from Atlanta to Denver. Personally, I intend to boycott that game for 2021.
Where does the Constitution say that the President can't excercise his right to free speech inorder to criticize actions being taken by a state? Trump bad mouthed states all the time, including on their election laws. And unlike Biden, Trump tried to acually interfear. Where was your hypocritical ass then?
How? By quoting the LAW?
Is that supposed to be an answer?
It is THEE answer. Trump was quoting VOTING LAW. Not trying to CHANGE the fuckin' Law. Because of COVID ,SecStates and Democrat Governors CHANGED the Law without consulting with State Legislators. The only people who have the RIGHT to change such laws. So blow it.
Bottom line is that Trump tried to change the outcome of the election. Deal with it.
And Bitch Hitlery did NOT? The fuckin' Dems tried to overturn 2016 for FOUR YEARS.

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