It's as comical as it is tragic


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Jul 5, 2011
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You have to love the "logic" of just piling on more legislation on top of more legislation. We have a U.S. Constitution which states wiretapping without a warrant is a felony. And yet, the NSA engages in felonious wiretapping of every U.S. citizen in the country. So what makes our dimwitted legislators in Congress believe that the NSA will respect and adhere to this law?
The Protecting our Ability To Counter Hacking, or PATCH, Act would change National Security Agency practices on advising other governmental security agencies, vendors and the public about software vulnerabilities. The bill would transfer responsibility for inter-agency reviews of potential vulnerabilities from the NSA to the Department of Homeland Security.
Another obvious flaw in this plan is that the Department of Homeland Security is on the same team as the NSA. Both focus on national security. Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security isn't even remotely qualified to handle/review/etc. cybersecurity.

The only way this problem gets solved is if we protect whistleblowers and members of the media who expose corruption. Edward Snowden is a dagone American hero in the truest sense of the word, and yet he's a wanted criminal in hiding right now. President Trump should pardon Snowden, bring him back to the U.S., and appoint him head of the NSA. Creating duplicate and triplicate versions of existing legislation which is already ignored is a special kind of stupid.

U.S. cyber bill would shift power away from spy agency
Every day, you're here bragging that you voted for this.
What in the world are you talking about, Adolf? Do you ever make a post which isn't 100% misinformation? Before today, I never even heard of the PATCH Act - so how could I have been advocating for it? Please - for your own sake - get back on your schizophrenia meds.

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