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It was Natural Causes for Sicknick


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Dec 7, 2012
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@Pogo lied about it.

YOU are a god damned liar. I'm not even fucking IN this thread.

Go on LIAR --- show a quote. Pissant.
Read the entire post dumbass...it links to your lies.

So you CAN'T show a quote, because there isn't any.

Then you link to another thread where I called YOU out for the same thing --- claiming "lying" and then couldn't demonstrate it, AND THAT WAS A FUCKING MONTH AND A HALF AGO.

Go forth and fuck yourself, LIAR.
You aren't fooling anyone. The thread is there for everyone to read.

Bluster until you are blue in the face and stamp your feet and shakes your fists at the heavens...it changes nothing.

Here's the link to the thread...me saying it was a stroke and you lying to defending those without the balls to admit they were liars...

Have fun trying to split that frog hair five ways.

Are you just congenitally retarded? Is that it?

You just linked the world to some thread. An entire thread. It isn't a quote, it isn't even a post, let alone one of mine.

FUCK outta here, schmuck. You've been busted and you're too stupid to see it.


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