Is The Republican Party Dying?


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Aug 18, 2015
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Land of the sane.
This is from an “Indy” aka playtime the leftist liar. Democrats have become Socialists
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I accept your surrender. You have used that pic like 100x. So you believe in a one party system. Sad.
Have another...
^^^ fail reply ^^^
Opinions vary. Once you admit you lied about being an Independent we may debate civilly again.
lol ... you had the opportunity & you blew it.
Still waiting. Admit you're a Leftist and we can debate civilly. I am very happy to continue butchering you here but if you want civility, I am offering a one time olive branch. Your choice.
you think that means anything to me? lest ye forget, i am the one that tried & i am the one that gave you a pass.

i won't make that mistake again.

lol ... 'butchering'.... lol.... LOL. cray cray on steroids.
So you are going to remain a liar. Outstanding. You may call me what you like but I do not lie. You do. So with all due respect, the world would be better off without people like you in it.
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have another. Salut!
you're a legend in your own mind.
Enjoy the hangover
enjoy the delusion.
Enjoy the Vodka....
enjoy the covid brain.
I help others. What do you do? All jokes aside.
i don't brag about it like you do.
Brag, by all means. What have you done to help COVID inflicted patients?
if i ever become infected & developed antibodies, i will donate them as well. & i wouldn't feel the need to let anybody know.

<pfffft> you act as if what you are doing is something extraordinary, when in actuality - it's the LEAST you could do. a little pinch for a blood draw is no great shakes zoggy.

now if you were on the frontlines, having to reuse your mask & wear garbage bags whilst you clean the ventilator tubes from nasty coronavirus laden mucus, then you might get some kudos you are desperately seeking & deserve.
I also coach and drive kids back and forth since parents feel safer with them being with someone who is immune. Only nastiness comes from Democrats
I accept Your surrender. How is that “Indy” lie going for you?
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