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Interesting COVID numbers


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Mar 7, 2014
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Vaccines have saved hundred of millions of lives

That really isn't the case. They sold you a dogma and half truths.

Well, the smallpox vaccine wiped out smallpox. So clearly you're wrong. But then you're just making up "facts" from out of nowhere.

Horrible Living Conditions Caused Smallpox, Not A Virus

Smallpox didn't come from a virus. Instead, it began because of horrible living conditions. Some of these conditions were overcrowding, poor sanitation, toxic air, and bad hygiene.

The majority of the people lived without sanitation or sewers. Those who lived in towns and cities had limited access to clean water. They drank polluted water and rarely cleaned themselves.

The majority of the populations of these countries were also poor and had little to eat. Starvation is a factor that contributes to poor health.

Skin eruptions, from leprosy or smallpox, are part of the body's elimination processes. Improved social conditions, sanitation, diet, housing, and other healthful factors eliminated these diseases.

I just pulled "science" out of my ass, and claimed it is true.

Is your name Dr. Fauci? :D

No. Do I need to be someone as expert as that to notice the difference between bad science and good science?

No I do not.

You're peddling crap. You're posting nonsense websites which peddle crap.

The so called experts are peddling more lies and crap then anything. Maybe you should take the time and figure out you are being lied to. I have no reason to lie or make anything up. I don't make money on lies and frauds like the guys you believe do.

Well, you seem to think they lie about everything. That there's this whole system of people and they're all lying.

But you have freedom of speech and the only people "not lying" are people with random names and fruadsters.


I don't believe, I look at what's there and I try and work it out for myself. It only takes a few minutes to realize that what you're saying is wrong.


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Oct 19, 2008
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